Elevator Repairmen

There are people still entrapped in their homes upstairs and can’t get downstairs, some that haven’t been downstairs in 12 years.

This work changes people’s lives. It gives them freedom.

That’s what motivates me.

~ Geno, CEO of Access Lifts Hawaii

Access Lifts Hawaii

Treating every client with Aloha


We are working to connect the community of Hawaii, from the youngest to the oldest. We want to make sure everyone has the ability to participate. Geno has emphasized that "we establish a relationship with these people. They become part of our family. We love to talk to them, and they become lifelong friends."

We have a policy here at Access Lifts Hawaii. It states that 10 percent of your time and effort should go back to serving the community that served you. So that’s what we do. We serve you.


We want to help serve those who are in similar situations to Geno's mother. We provide innovative lift solutions to all those who are in need of help. Our CEO often states that "Money isn't all that important. You have to pay expenses, but more important is the service that we're doing in Hawaii."

We comply with all ADA regulations, meaning that our lifts make buildings accessible to everyone. We want to help serve you and your family by giving you the equipment you deserve.


Trust is a core value at Access Lifts Hawaii. We want to make every person feel like part of the family. As Geno himself stated, "It's about providing a service and being honest about it. It's important to me to have integrity." We want to gain your trust and keep you happy in all of your needs.

Trust goes a long way, and we know that it takes time to build. That’s why we dedicate our lives to serving you, so that you can have an access solution you can trust. You are more important than your money, and we will gain your trust.

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