ADA Lifts – What’s the Difference?

The American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA, is the civil rights movement that prohibits the discrimination of persons with disabilities. In the United States, this movement has made strides to help protect the rights of any person that has a disability, and thus is a prime focus of our business here at Access Lifts Hawaii. We want to provide the most affordable and reliable lift solutions, while complying with all state and local laws. When we say our ADA lifts are compliant, that means that any person with disabilities can utilize our products, avoiding all problems with discrimination and legal battles.

Platform Lift side view

Why do I need an ADA lift?

Our high quality ADA lifts can ensure access for any disabled person, whoever it may be. Many companies provide cheaper lifts that can do the bare minimum, but do not satisfy ADA requirements. While these lifts may satisfy short term needs, complex legal battles and future problems and issues with these inefficient lifts are sure to be more expensive in the long run. ADA lifts will be sure to fulfill the needs of every disabled person, and are guaranteed to comply with all anti-discriminatory laws.

When you do business with Access Lifts Hawaii, you are backed by a team of experienced technicians that will find solutions for your business to comply with all ADA regulations. These lifts make your building accessible to everyone and will make every customer feel as if they are valued. For more information on our lifts and services, visit

What is required under ADA laws?

In the safety regulations pamphlet, named ASME Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chair Lifts, there are countless regulations that vary depending on the type of lift you decide to use and the building in which the lift is installed. In essence, these regulations require access paths for any type of disabled person, and also define certain technical installation and safety regulations to keep the users of the lift safe. For more information on the specific standards and requirements, visit

Access Lifts Hawaii can Help

For over 30 years, our team of engineers and technicians have studied all the ADA requirements. They are willing and ready to help you find the lift you need. The ADA lifts that we offer are listed below:

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When finding the perfect access solution, you need expert assistance. Make an appointment today with one of our top tier technical experts to get a free quote for your lift needs.

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